Elevate Your Lifestyle with our Property Management and Laundry Solutions.

Elevate your lifestyle with our seamless property management and refreshing laundry services. From meticulous property upkeep to rejuvenating linens, we bring convenience and excellence to your doorstep. Trust our dedicated team to handle every detail, ensuring your property is impeccably managed while our laundry services redefine freshness. Experience a new level of hassle-free living with us at Leann Support Services.


We're a team of Property Management and professional Laundry from London

Leann Support Services provides a diverse array of solutions to aid businesses throughout the United Kingdom. As a well-established company specializing in Property Management and Laundry Services, we have a proven track record of over four years in delivering top-notch services within the field. Drawing from our extensive expertise in Property Management and Laundry across various industries, we understand the uniqueness of each business. This is why we collaborate closely with our clients, customizing our offerings to precisely align with their requirements.

What We Offer

Property Maintenance & Repairs

Explore our dependable apartment/villa maintenance and repair solutions, safeguarding the impeccable condition of your property through swift and efficient attention to any required fixes.

Commercial Property Management

Efficiently oversee your commercial property assets with our expert management, tailored for optimal returns and hassle-free ownership. From single shops to expansive office complexes, we ensure your investments thrive.

Residential Block Management

Elevate apartment living with our seamless Residential Block Management services. We handle the details, ensuring comfort and convenience for all residents.


Elevate your textiles with our skilled Laundry Services, offering fresh, rejuvenated linens for enhanced comfort. Experience luxury and softness like never before.

Why Partner With Leann Support Services?


Our joy lies in operating behind the scenes, empowering your team to flourish. Understanding the dynamic work milieu, we embrace adaptability in hours and availability. Our dedicated partnership management experts stand ready, offering unwavering support, ensuring your property management and laundry needs are met seamlessly while you take center stage.


Experience the pinnacle of excellence with our adept property management and laundry professionals, bolstered by a forward-thinking management cohort. Imbued with steadfast protocols, our team orchestrates meticulous quality assessments, an unceasing rhythm that ensures perfection. Armed with specialized PPE ensembles and materials, we orchestrate a choreography of safety, guaranteeing a comprehensive and secure sanitization journey.


Discover a transparent, competitive pricing paradigm crafted to match diverse property management and laundry essentials, adaptable to all financial horizons. We align with National Minimum Wage and London Living Wage frameworks, customizing our rates to accommodate unique client mandates. Our unwavering assurance extends to outshining any presented pricing model, reflecting our commitment to surpass expectations.

Why choose us

At Leann Support Services, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing exceptional service and value. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your service needs:

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