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Transforming the Landscape of Laundry and Dry Cleaning for the Future

Leann Support Services provides a swift, intuitive, and trustworthy expert solution for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs, tailored precisely to meet your demands.
Immerse yourself in our effortless laundry experience encompassing effortless pickup, meticulous cleaning, and doorstep drop-off. Our dedicated service is at your beck and call, ready to assist you at your convenience, no matter the location. Be assured that 98.7% of standard laundry and dry cleaning is swiftly delivered within the next day.

Our Laundry Services

Wash and Iron

Leann Support Services stands as a renowned hub for superior wash and iron solutions in both Essex and London. Our establishment boasts cutting-edge laundry and ironing machinery, guaranteeing impeccable hygiene and impeccable presentation of your garments. Our team of devoted and expertly trained personnel is steadfast in delivering laundry and ironing excellence of the highest order. When it comes to garments demanding delicate treatment, our skilled in-house cleaner, possessing professional qualifications, adeptly tackles even the most stubborn blemishes.
Release yourself from the weight of ironing chores. Delegate your laundry ironing requirements to us, enabling you to channel your attention towards your genuine priorities. In response to our clientele’s day-to-day necessities, we present an all-encompassing package of services encompassing washing, drying, ironing, safekeeping, and doorstep delivery. Bid adieu to the irksome task of ironing as we take the reins of your laundry, commencing with a morning collection and culminating in a same-day return of flawlessly pressed attire.

Dry Cleaning

Leann Support Services is devoted to delivering clear, high-quality garments to our valued customers. Our comprehensive laundry and dry cleaning offerings cater to every wardrobe piece – from shawls and sweaters to drapes and suits. Our skilled local dry cleaners handle diverse fabrics, like silk, polyester, rayon, and cotton, with utmost care. Eliminating tough stains is our priority, and clients admire our efficient services, complemented by timely, free doorstep delivery. Our expert dry cleaning team ensures your clothes undergo meticulous care through various cleaning stages, resulting in the desired appearance. With tailored processes to meet your unique needs, we take pride in smooth deliveries and exceptional clothing care.

Home And Bedding Laundry

Returning home fatigued after a lengthy day, only to encounter soiled blankets and quilts, can be truly disheartening. At Leann Support Services, we take immense pride in executing meticulous bedding laundry in London, guaranteeing impeccable outcomes. Our expertise extends to professional curtain cleaning, bedding laundry, and quilt cleaning services, fostering a pristine and welcoming ambiance for your home or workplace. Witness a transformative change in your laundry that’s bound to elevate your spirits. For larger articles, our specialized cleaning techniques encompass curtain and quilt care in London, complete with express delivery alternatives, attainable within 24 hours or even on the very same day. Arrange a suitable pickup and delivery schedule to accommodate all your laundry and curtain dry cleaning requisites, and our adept team will ensure punctual collection, cleansing, and delivery, tailored to your preferences.


We empathize with the frustration of ill-fitting clothing purchases, which is why our service excels in expert clothing alterations and fitting solutions for impeccable outcomes. Whether it’s preparing for a special occasion or tailoring loose or snug garments, our adept professionals possess the finesse to meet your needs. Our commitment to your investment is evident in our value-driven approach, accommodating diverse clothing styles, from classic to contemporary, through efficient and punctual service. Irrespective of fabric or design, our team adeptly handles all garment types, delivering precise alterations that align with your preferences. For convenient local tailoring and alterations, trust us to skillfully mold your attire to perfection, courtesy of our seasoned and experienced tailors.

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